11 de setembro de 2010


I discovered through blogger's statistics tool that I have visitants from America and Canada! To these readers, thank you for the "audience" for coming all this way to read my texts! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I hope some of you read this text. Are you brazilians? Comment so I can learn more from you!
This text is a tribute to you.

There are several thing that can unite people.
Together and also separate.
Feelings (always end up talking to them is not? I think I'm addicted to it hehehe), emotions, actions, attitudes, facts, words, gestures, looks, smiles (or grimaces), steps. A misplaced word can remove friends forever (not always so well), may end up with a lover, a relative hurt, hurt someone. An improper attitude has a bigger effect, perhaps, even a smile can stop separating two people. But in the same way that separates any of these things can also attach a lot of people.
But there is one factor that is very special. I believe it is much more important for a clearance to act.
It is the distance.
Steps, meters, kilometers, miles, thousands and millions. Distances are vast and endless, extending to all sides, endless circling, intertwining itself, spinning, crossing, leading to endless places and also places none.
But even they are so big, it is not necessary or even a kilometer to two separate people, two wills, two souls. Only one step can separate with great efficiency as two human beings ... Why make things more difficult when they are already so difficult? Why are we so scared to shorten the distances? Not only physically but also psychologically, mental, spiritual, sentimental and emotional. Especially the last two.
There are many people who are usually so far from the other, so far from their feelings, their desires. Even though the distance stuff exists, there are no barriers to the spirit, mind and feelings. They win through distances in just a second, just wanting to, just wish, let it.
Misses a place? Relax your mind, breath deeply and clear your thoughts, try to not think about anything in particular. Now, concentrate with all your strength into place, person, you feel homesick, try to remember every detail, smells, colors, shapes, sounds, images, sensations, feelings ... It is a matter of training and practice.
Now, strange as it may seem, the distances, whether physical or not, not only separate, but unite. Ok, some distances can help to enhance, revive and keep feelings to wear, for example, but that physical distances can approach? "
Yes, exactly.
A great and perfect example is the internet. How many people are not united by the distance through it? People who, if there isn't this wonderful network, wouldn't known each other never, even if they live a few blocks away.
My brother, for example, he met a girl from Taiwan, two from Lithuania, another two from U.S. and one from RJ, and maintains a true friendship with them. He is even learning to speak Lithuanian! (Do not ask me why, it's crazy, I know, everyone thinks that).
Another example, which still is not above, but can become. I never thought that my blog would cross the borders of the state of SP and even Brazil! So if you do not live here, in the same country of me and are reading this text, follow me on Twitter! Or leave a comment in the text. Let's shorten the distance, make new friends. We will not let mere thousand miles prevent a new friendship.
What is the distance when compared to the speed of thought?
, D

(I confess that I had to use Google translator to translate into English, with review of my brother. But I will learn English soon! The college requires. Hehehe)

Brother's comment: I checked this translation, but it's 45 past midnight and I'm almost sleeping on the keyboard..sorry if I missed some mistake or wrong word!I promisse I'll do the other translations during tha day or awake =D

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